Welcome to Centre for Pure Sound where we offer regular Divine Union Soundbaths – journeying to the healing, re-balancing effect of the Therapeutic Pure Sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, and our ANGELS OF SOUND Voice Playshops where you will hear the extraordinary sounds your voice can make through toning and overtoning.These events take place in Dorset and the surrounding areas.
See our Events page and for bookings contact Dean 01935 389655 or email us through our Contact page.
Last minute bookings on the day please use mobile number 07798530515. Doors close at 2pmonce the Therapeutic Pure Sound session has started.

NB re our next DIVINE UNION SOUNDBATH  in Glastonbury at Shekinashram is on SATURDAY 30th December at 2PM: all the details given in the listing in The Oracle are unfortunately entirely incorrect. See under ‘Events’.

Our next ANGELS OF SOUND with be a morning session in Oborne Sunday February 25th, see under

‘Weekend Playshops’ and ‘Events’.

We also offer our group soundbaths to interested groups within a reasonable travelling distance from us: please contact for details.

One-to-One sound healing sessions meanwhile are a little more client-tailored as they involve finding your Personal Sonic Note and working witih crystal and Tibetan bowls just in your Key., see under One-To-Ones,. One to One Voice sessions, covering the same work as on our ANGELS OF SOUND playshops are also now available with Dean at his home in Sherborne. I can also now offer visiting 121s for voice and mini-soundbaths . See below under One to Ones.

Our new range of crystal bowl only CDs have finally arrived. Each track = approx 5 minutes of an individual bowl played and recorded in real time and we now have them available playing up through the Major Scale (plus minor 6th interval for the Thymus chakra) in all the 12 keys. If you’ve ever had a 121 with me or been to a weekend ANGELS OF SOUND voice playshop you should know your key, and if you haven’t, book one now! The CDs are thus perfect for toning through the chakras using the sacred Sanskrit vowel sounds in the technique we’ve been teaching now for some time, and/or just listening to for silent meditation on each chakra, or as a general soundbath.

PLUS we have CDs of all the 12 bowls in the Chromatic Scale, Cycle of 5ths, and Cycle of 4ths for further soundbath journeys and meditations. CDs are £10 plus £2.50 UK p&p, contact me directly for payment arrangement ahiahel@live.com  or you can use Paypal in our ‘Shop’ section. More details click on  PDF: NewCDs

Watch out for our next series of Sonic Pilgrimages around the Holy Hills of Avalon recreating the ‘Maiden’s Route’ and toning mantra given by the hills themselves at each of the four sites: Enhanting The Landscape …dates to be confirmed for Spring/Summer 2018.



Divine Union Soundbaths

One-to-One sessions

Weekend Playshops


Click on the above link for the very beginning of our Divine Union Soundbath.

You can see an interview with Dean covering Pure Sound and the Overtone Scale on You Tube via the Awakening Channel, plus two excepts from the Soundbath, via the links below:


Tibetan Bowls

Crystal Bowls




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Click on the link below to hear Dean play one of his acoustic guitar pieces: